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The Thomas Major Memorial Grant

To advance our mission, The Epilepsy Project has started the THOMAS MAJOR MEMORIAL GRANT. Our intent with this grant is to increase awareness of the challenges related to epilepsy and to gain support from the community.

The grant was The Epilepsy Project’s offer to the community to assist where assistance was needed in the most epilepsy-related life events. As a child grows, so does the difficulties of mobility, especially at home many times requiring a need for home modifications. Home modifications are usually less costly than purchasing a new home. The goal is to have a home that can serve the child’s or grown adult’s needs.

Money-related concerns are typically the top stressors for families suffering from epilepsy. One financial burden can be significant home modifications to make the current home suitable to the needs of the family.

We observed that if you have to remodel your home to widen doorways, modify a bathroom, or lower counters in a kitchen, one grant is probably not going to cover all related expenses. This grant will offer a supplement to those requiring more help. It is our intent that the application process will be not only equitable, but less burdensome than other grant processes.

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