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Due to COVID-19 and the restrictions around it in Erie County, The Epilepsy Project has moved our 2020 Purse Bingo to an online format. Unfortunately, to accommodate the finalizing of this new format we have had to change the date to June 28th with a start time of 1:00 pm. We will be using Zoom with all participants receiving an invitation via email a few days before the event. We have bingo sheets and daubers for the players. These will be available to be picked up at the dates and locations listed below. If you are out of town, we will be able to mail you the bingo sheets but unfortunately not a dauber. However, a marker will work for marking your card.


Online through Zoom


June 28, 2020, at 1:00 pm

The Details




Ticket pick up times and locations below  - social distancing rules will apply

June 9 @ Subway at 425 State Street from 10 am - 3 pm
June 18 @ Fairfield Firehall at 4896 E Lake Rd from 4 pm- 7 pm
June 20 @ Postnet at 3330 West 26th Street from 10am - 12pm
June 23 @ Subway at 425 State Street from 10 am - 3 pm

Here is how this will work... 

Rules of the event.

1 - We will be using Zoom with invitations being sent out via email two days prior. You will need to enable sound and video when you join the “meeting”.
2 - Once online your line will be placed on mute. Please leave on mute unless you have a Bingo.
3 - The bingo screen will be shared by the bingo caller so you won’t only hear but can see the numbers called.
4 - If you get a bingo, unmute your line and loudly say bingo. If you're having issues with that you can place in the chat which will be monitored. After you are recognized you will tell the caller your numbers and then show your card via your video camera.
5 - If you are having issues with your video going out, a way to either text or email a picture of your bingo card will be preserved that day.
6 - Each game will be assigned a purse 
7 - Tie breakers will be broken by assigning the winners a number 1 through whatever is needed in the order the bingos were verified. Then a random number generator will be run to choose the winner. The caller will show the results of the random generator.
8 - After all games are played, the winners will be contacted to arrange to pick up or deliver their prizes.

Purse Bingo Poster 2020 compressor

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